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We Recycle Plastic Waste into Sustainable Materials and Products!

We process plastic waste into high-quality poles and furniture resistant to rot, insect damage, and harsh weather. Our processes preserve the integrity of the recycled materials while minimizing environmental impact.

Who We Are

Mazingira Recyclers Limited is a trailblazing company in the plastic recycling sector committed to building an ecologically conscious and sustainable future. Since the start of our operations, we have been a prominent force in the plastic recycling industry, dedicated to cutting waste, preserving resources, and advancing the circular economy.

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Our Services

At Mazingira Recyclers Limited, we transform shredded plastics into high-quality granules that are then used to craft durable fencing posts and planks. Our products are delivered across the country at a minimal facilitation fee.

Our Pricing Guide

Prices for both round and square plastic poles

7 ft (2.1 m) poles

  • 3 inches wide: Ksh 700
  • 4 inches wide: Ksh 945
  • 5 inches wide: Ksh 1085
  • 6 inches wide: Ksh 1330
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8 ft (2.4 m) poles

  • 3 inches wide: Ksh 800
  • 4 inches wide: Ksh 1080
  • 5 inches wide: Ksh 1240
  • 6 inches wide: Ksh 1520
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9 ft (2.7 m) poles

  • 3 inches wide: Ksh 900
  • 4 inches wide: Ksh 1215
  • 5 inches wide: Ksh 1395
  • 6 inches wide: Ksh 1710
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10 ft (3 m) poles

  • 3 inches wide: Ksh 1000
  • 4 inches wide: Ksh 1350
  • 5 inches wide: Ksh 1550
  • 6 inches wide: Ksh 1900
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Prices for plastic planks

Measurements: 3 by 2 inches. Price: Ksh 70 per foot.

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Our Commitment to Environmental Conservation

Recycling is just one aspect of our dedication to the environment. In order to find new and creative ways to improve plastic recycling, lower energy usage, and lessen the environmental impact of plastic waste, Mazingira Recyclers Limited consistently invests in research and development. This will help minimize the ecological footprint associated with plastic waste.


Feedback from our clients!

Francis Musau


Best quality in the Kenyan market. Strong and expertly produced. I will come for more and recommend you to friends too.

WoodChem Traders Limited


Our clients are so happy about our partnership. The durability and diversity of Mazingira Recyclers Limited’s poles is unmatched.

Choose durable plastic poles, planks, and furniture whose manufacturing has a positive impact on our environment!

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